Date: Friday, Jun 26, 2020
Reading time: 14 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: Outlook mobile conditional access fix, Teams Android gets a walkie talkie feature, Exchange retention changes, Updated sharing experience, and SharePoint

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s a quick overview of several updates which caught my attention: Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie is rolling out in preview for Android clients, the public preview requires a setting change made within the Teams admin center to enable, whereby the feature is available within 48hrs. This is an interesting feature which could be made to good use for hospitality, manufacturing, education, etc.

Date: Friday, Jun 19, 2020
Reading time: 5 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: Enable Communications Site Experience on Classic Teams Sites, Retention Label Updates Applying to Exchange, New eDiscovery Features, and Outlook for Android Play my Emails

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday, everyone! This weeks Microsoft 365 updates. Updates this week include enabling a communications site experience on a classic teams site, visual updates for SharePoint Online lists and document management libraries, an update to retention labels applied to Exchange where deletion or retention is based off when a label was applied, and Play my Emails for Outlook on Android devices. Delayed and Rollout Date Change Announcements:

Date: Saturday, Jun 13, 2020
Reading time: 8 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: Intune will support iOS 14 and MacOS 10.13+, SharePoint Templates and Digest Messages, Updates to Microsoft To-Do

Key Updates and Announcements Slight change this week with the formatting of these updates, the majority of the content will focus on new feature announcements, with updates to previous announcements contained to their own section with reference URLs for more information. This streamlines the information contained here as there is no need to repeat the full update in subsequent weeks when the only change is the deployment timeline. When Microsoft announced their intention to allow self service licensing for the Power Platform there was plenty of push back from administrators who were concerned with lack of control of Microsoft 365 licensing components.

Date: Monday, Jun 8, 2020
Reading time: 14 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: Microsoft Teams suggested replies, reverse number lookup, Islands mode defaulting to Teams Meetings, Retention Policy Changes, SharePoint Online, Yammer, and Office 365

Key Updates and Announcements Welcome to the long weekend edition of the Microsoft 365 Updates! For those enjoying the long weekend, I hope it’s been a good one. Microsoft Teams has several announcements and updates this week: System messages - Est. time of arrival: Mid-July (Government tenants will be completed by end of August) - Some system message will no longer be displayed in the General channel of each team, including teams membership changes Teams mobile suggested replies - Est.

Date: Sunday, May 31, 2020
Reading time: 13 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: Microsoft Teams adds more features, Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Stream

Key Updates and Announcements It has been several weeks since I’ve been able to post an update, and there has been plenty of Microsoft 365 updates. OAuth support for POP, IMAP, and SMTP AUTH is now available for all tenants. This means organisation can continue to use these protocols with modern authentication instead of legacy basic authentication. Call Quality Dashboard V2 is to be retired, start using the advanced CQD at cqd.

Date: Friday, Apr 24, 2020
Reading time: 11 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: New Microsoft Teams features, Microsoft 365 Usage Reports, SharePoint, Power Automate and Yammer

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday everyone, here’s this weeks updates. Microsoft Teams 1:1 convenience recording is now available and allows Teams calls containing two people to be recorded. This only allows for calls between two Teams clients, it doesn’t allow recording when one of the call participants is from the PSTN network, such as a mobile phone or land line. If you are recording a 1:1 call and then add an additional participant then the recording will cease and the original participants are automatically given access to the recording.

Date: Friday, Apr 17, 2020
Reading time: 13 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: Microsoft Teams meeting updates, SharePoint, Office 365, and Exchange

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday! I have two weeks worth of updates as I decided to kick back and relax during the Easter break. Here’s a few of the changes that have my interest: Teams Meeting experience improvements! Most people who have participated in a Teams meeting this week most likely would have been a part of the shenanigans of people applying new background effects. Perfect timing to rollout this change as so many people are working from home who want to block out the visual noise caused by working in make shift offices.

Date: Friday, Apr 3, 2020
Reading time: 13 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: Microsoft Teams increasing maximum membership to 10,000 members, SharePoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Office 365, and Exchange

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday everyone. Another week, many more updated provided by Microsoft, here’s a few of note, with a full list provided in the list of updates section. Create a SharePoint list from an Excel table: The ability to crate a SharePoint list from an Excel table, this will be rolling out early April with the targeted completion date early July 2020. You can find more information by clicking here here.