Productivity Tip - Do the People in Your Organisation Know How to Access Microsoft Stream?

Date:Wednesday, Dec 18, 2019
Author: Paul Maggs
Reading Time: 4 minutes
Tags: Microsoft Stream
Categories: Productivity Tips

Stream Overview

Have you enabled Microsoft Steam for the people within your organisation? Are they aware of what features it enables? Do they record meetings and then struggle to find the recordings?

Since Microsoft released Teams with the ability to record meetings that are stored in the cloud, Stream has become an integral tool to access and review the recorded meeting content you have been granted access. It is feature rich allowing people the ability to access, review, and search within the recorded meeting content from either desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Whilst there are many, a few key reasons to make use of stream are:

Accessing Stream

From my experience, not many people realise Stream exists, let alone understand the steps required to access and use it. Here’s several ways you can educate your staff on how to access Stream:

Accessing stream via an email notification

When a recording concludes, if configured, an email notification is sent to the person who initiated the recording. However, this option doesn’t assist other attendees to locate and review the recording.


Private Meeting Chat and Channel Meeting Posts

Depending on the meeting type, a chat message or channel post is created with a thumbnail of the recording for quick viewing and the option to open Stream and view the recording.

To access a channel meeting recording:

  1. Navigate the team channel where the meeting was scheduled and review the Posts to locate the meeting

    Microsoft Stream channel meeting

    Description: Microsoft Stream channel meeting
  2. Select (this is to the right of the meeting thumbnail), then choose ‘Open in Microsoft Stream

    Opening Stream via more options

    Description: Opening Stream via more options

Office 365 Web Portal

The Office 365 portal provides access to many applications and services, including Stream:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to

  2. If you do not see a Stream icon, select All apps

  3. Click on the Stream icon

    Microsoft Stream chat and channel notifications

    Description: Microsoft Stream chat and channel notifications

Stream websites

You may also access Stream directly using the following URLs using a web browser. Notice the transcription for this particular meeting was enabled and is displayed to the right of the video:


Stream is a useful tool for reviewing recorded content, therefore it’s essential to educate the people you work with of the many ways it may be access. Find the solution that resonates the most with people and provides a level of simplicity so that they adopt Stream