Date: Monday, Mar 16, 2020
Reading time: 8 minutes.

Three years and counting: a working from home experiment

In recent weeks due to global circumstances there is much chatter surrounding the need for people to work from home and the impact this type of decision has on the ability for people to successfully complete their work within these constraints. Whilst working from home is not a new concept and many organisations allow for staff to work from locations other than their typical central office location, for many people this arrangement may be for a single day per week, less frequently, alternatively for some they make a deliberate choice to always leave home each day and be present at the office.

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Date: Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020
Reading time: 7 minutes.

Just in time access for Office 365 privileged groups

Understanding who has access to your resources Securing and managing membership of privileged groups and roles should be a priority for every organisation. Privileged groups and roles, those which provide elevated access to resources of which may be of sensitive or confidential nature, are vital for any IT department to function and provide administrators access to the services and data supporting the business. Traditionally, IT departments utilise a security model whereby administrative permissions are permanently assigned irrespective of how often they are required, or accounts may have access enabled and revoked on an as needed basis, which is a manual process subject to human error.

Date: Wednesday, Dec 18, 2019
Reading time: 3 minutes.

Productivity Tip - Do the People in Your Organisation Know How to Access Microsoft Stream?

Stream Overview Have you enabled Microsoft Steam for the people within your organisation? Are they aware of what features it enables? Do they record meetings and then struggle to find the recordings? Since Microsoft released Teams with the ability to record meetings that are stored in the cloud, Stream has become an integral tool to access and review the recorded meeting content you have been granted access. It is feature rich allowing people the ability to access, review, and search within the recorded meeting content from either desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Date: Tuesday, Dec 10, 2019
Reading time: 3 minutes.

Governance Tip - Group Expiration Policies

What is an Office 365 Group Expiration Policy? A Group expiration policy is one method to control the lifecycle of Office 365 groups. Enabling group expiration provides an automated process which facilitates the removal of Office 365 groups which have not been utilised within a predetermined amount of time. When applying an expiration policy, there are multiple services which may be affected, including; Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, and Planner. How do they work?

Date: Sunday, Dec 8, 2019
Reading time: 4 minutes.

Compliance Tip - Dynamic Membership and Microsoft Teams

Defining membership of a Microsoft Teams team The default behaviour of how membership is populated for a Microsoft Teams team is determined by the security permissions assigned to the team. The permissions may be assigned as either public, where people within an organisation have the ability to add themselves as a member, or private, where people within an organisation can request to join or an owner may add them on their behalf.

Date: Friday, Dec 6, 2019
Reading time: 2 minutes.

Productivity Tip: Email a PDF document directly from Microsoft Word

Need to send a PDF copy of a document? Ever had a need to send a Microsoft Office document as a PDF attachment? For this scenario, you do not want to send a document link or reference, and the recipient is expecting their own copy of the document. Many Microsoft applications, using the share feature, provide these capabilities from within the application and this is beneficial when documents are stored within SharePoint or Teams as it removes the need to download the documents prior to attaching to an email, as many people currently do as part of their workflow.

Date: Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019
Reading time: 6 minutes.

Who Is Reviewing Teams Guest Access?

Introduction Collaboration shouldn’t be limited to people within your own organisation, extending these capabilities to allow external guest participants improves how people share ideas and information. Keeping files and conversations within a single location removes the need to continually swap communications via email or other methods, reduces unnecessary copies of data that is difficult to reconcile when compiling authoritative versions, and removes the need to send this information externally for which you have no control over its use (unless you’ve deployed rights managements, which is a conversation for another time).

Date: Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019
Reading time: 3 minutes.

How can I easily file emails into a team?

Introduction Working collaboratively using Microsoft Teams requires people to store their files and have conversations about their work within teams. Teams work well within the context of storing files and allowing people to initiate conversations about the work they are completing, however filing, storage, and reviewing of email has been lacking in ease of use and essential features. There are many use cases for teams, and one that is extremely popular the ability to quickly create a collaboration space for a project.